Wednesday, September 16, 2009


O.Gail Poole, son of Woodrow Poole, writes: I have taken the DNA tests in trying to get information on our ancestors past our gggGrandfather, Samuel Poole. I am just about 95% convinced that our family name was actually Pettypool, as a result of those tests. I know that Samuel and a brother Isaac, migrated with their families from South Carolina, shortly after Mississippi was opened for settlement.
John Poole, son of Emmett Greenworth Poole writes: RE: Missouri Elvina, Eddy, Hall, after an 1860 Census search for Missouri Eddy, of the 1,500 names listed, I found about 90% of them were from the Northeastern part of the U.S., and not one of them was born in Mississippi. I ran across a tree not too long ago, showing her last name as Hall, with a father named Henderson Hall, born 1 Dec 1810 in Tennessee, died 11 Oct 1878 and a mother, Nancy Adeline Jones, born 1822 in Mississippi. I ran an 1860 census and found a daughter named Missouri that was the right age and was born in Mississippi. The father of Henderson Hall is Pharoah Hall born 1782 in Sampson, North Caroliina, died in Warren Mississippi. The mother of Henderson Hall is Sarah Mary Johnson, born 1783 in North Carolina, died 1852 in Warren Mississippi. This information matched about as close as I think I am going to get so I am staying with it. Besides, just think about it for a minute folks... How many men do you know that was born in Tennessee, lived in Mississippi and named a daughter, Missouri? There's gotta be something to this.

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