Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sharps and Pooles and ????

Front and center is my Grandpa Verb Sharp. His dad, Caroll Sharp is standing behind him. His mother, Vernie Poole Sharp and wife Nancy stand to the left of Caroll. Everyone knew Caroll as FUZZY. Grandpa's brother Oscar (Bawley) is standing to the right of their dad. Verbie Jr is to the right of Bawley (fresh home from the Air Force). I (Sheena) am in the background. I do not know the two men to the far right. Does anyone know them. If so, please comment. This picture was taken at the Yettem homeplace in the early 1950's.


  1. Just to the right of Verbie Sharp is probably Mark Hays.

  2. No it's not Dad he no smokum cigarette dip snuff.We still lived in Marlow at this time.

  3. I think large man on right side is Lee Weddle, Carol's nephew, he died about 1950. The smaller man may be Roy Lawson, a friend of the family or he could be one of the Pool family