Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here they are, that young couple who married at Kullie Chaha in Indian Territory on March 9, 1899. Now they have five children. My Grandpa Verb Sharp is standing directly behind his mother, Vernie. Standing behind his dad is Vassar Newt Sharp. Vas was the second born. In front sitting at her dad's feet is Mirl Sharp and next to her is her sister Ev. Her name was EVA but we always called her Aunt Ev. The boy between his parents is Oscar Vansler. We all knew him as Uncle Bawley. At this time they would be living in LaFleur County around Poteau somewhere. Uncle Bawley was born in 1911. Aunt Ev was born in 1910.
Often times I notice that people will wait and wait before posting their work. We are always attempting to "GET IT RIGHT" first. It is my intention to build this AS I GO. It will have mistakes in it for sure and hopefully when you come across something that you KNOW to be an error, you will let me know so we can get it RIGHT. I will be posting information as I locate it and making corrections as needed along the way. I WELCOME your input.

I have a copy of my Great Grandparents Marriage License. I ordered it through LaFlore County, Oklahoma in 2008. Rather than scan it here I will tell you what it states:
Carroll SHARP aged 21 and Vernie Poole, aged 18 both of Kully Chaha in the Indian Territory were married on 9 March 1899. This marked the beginning of the Poole/Sharp connection in my family.
The following year marked the turn of the century and this young couple appear in the 1900 Federal Census in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, Township 8, North Range 27 East on 20 June 1900. He states that he is 21 and she states that she is 20. Funny, she was 18 just last Spring when they married. They have no children yet. My Grandpa will be born in March of 1901 and he was their oldest child. She could actually be pregnant with him at this time and not even be aware of it yet.


Wouldn't you love to know what is being said here? Wish I could make out what he is holding in his hand. Is it a Pipe?
My best guess on the location of this picture is probably around Marlow, Comanche, Hope, Bray, that area of Oklahoma. He is buried in Comanche Oklahoma. He died in 1938 at age 84.
Moses Greenworth Poole and Missouri E. Eddy are my great great grandparents. He went by, 'Green" or "MG". I doubt if many people even knew his first name was Moses. Missouri is a mystery and I hope that someone who knows more about her will come along. I have heard that her middle name was Elvira but have never seen that documented anywhere. I have also seen her middle name as Hall. I hope someone may know where the name Hall comes from? I have ALWAYS heard that she was full blood Choctaw but have never found her on the rolls. I believe that she is buried in Comanche, Oklahoma but without a marker. I plan to make a trip to that cemetery soon and see what I can find and photograph. I assume that MG is also buried there. After Missouri died he married Amanda. I am not sure of her maiden name. Is it Boatman? Boatwright? I think that she was about twenty years younger than him. They had a son together and his name was Allen.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Upon Arrival In Indian Territory

Just look at them. Our FAMILY. Were they full of hopes and dreams and schemes for a new start in Indian Territory? My best guess is that this was taken in Southeast Oklahoma. Maybe near Poteau, Spiro, Cameron, CullieChaHa. And the year is probably about 1892. None of these in this group are still with us. If you can help with the identification, please do. We are only certain that the back center are Missouri and MG. Fairly sure that the young girl in the front center is Mary Lee Verna Poole, my great grandmother.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to our family site

This site is being built with a lot of blood, sweat and tears while searching our family roots for our children and their children to learn and enjoy the history of their ancestors.
We hope to take you back to where it all began while we climb through the branches of the Sharp-Poole family tree. Enjoy your visit!