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Moses Greenworth Poole and Amanda "Mandy" Levinia Johnson

This posting will be mostly covering Amanda "Mandy" Levina Johnson and her Son Allen Preston Pool. Let me first apologize for this being such a lengthy post. It is in hopes it will squelch the myth about her Son Allen being from a previous marriage. Amanda's factual timeline follows:

Amanda was born in Feb 1874 in Arkansas City, AR...only a stones throw from the mighty Mississippi River. Her parents were Marion Johnson, b: 20 Apr 1839 in AL, and Martha Dickerson, b: 28 Feb 1845 in Tennessee.

In 1880, at the age of 6, Amanda was living in Limestone, Franklin County, AR. In the home were both her parents, 3 Sisters, Martha E, age 9, Tulda, age 4, Vicy, age 1, and her Couisin Sarah Mitchel, age 16.

(I could not locate the family in the 1890 US Federal Census Records.)

In 1900, at the age of 26, Amanda was living with her parents in Township 8, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Also in the home are Sisters Vica (Should be Vicy) age 20, Millie, age 18, and a Brother Jesse, age 14.

(On 25 Aug 1905, the Mother of Amanda passes away in Slaytonville, Sebastian County, AR)
In the year of 1910, in Cameron, LeFlore County, OK, you will find Amanda, at the age of 36, living with her Father Marion, listed as age of 70.

(During the year of 1912 (Exact date unknown), The wife of Moses Greenworth Pool, Missouri Elvina (Hall) Pool passes away, and is buried in Comanche, OK.)

(On 13 Mar 1913, Amanda's Father Passes away in Wickes, Polk County, AR.)

11 Apr 1915, Moses Greenworth Pool and Amanda (Mandy) Levinia Johnson get married in Cameron, LeFlore County, OK. He was 60 and she was 41.

The year 1920 shows Amanda and Moses residing in Poteau, LeFlore County, OK with one child. Son Allen Preston Pool, listed as age 2.

In 1930, they are residing in Hope, Stephens County, AR. Moses is 76, Amanda is 56, and Allen Preston is 12.

(On 8 Jun 1938, Moses Greenworth Pool passes away in either Marlow or Hope, Stephens County, AR. He is buried in Comanche, OK, next to his first wife Missouri Elvina Hall.)

10 Dec 1941, Amanda "Mandy" Levenia (Johnson) Pool marries Henderson Andrew Foy Boatman in Duncan, Stephens County, OK.

The year Amanda "Mandy" Johnson passes away is still a mystery to me, but it is my understanding that she too is buried in Comanche, OK near MosesGreenworth Pool.

Now on to Allen Preston Pool (The Son of Moses Greenworth and Amanda "Mandy" Johnson)

On 24 Sep 1940 around the age of 23, Allen Preston marries Norma Fay Early. (No other information is available.)

On 5 Jun 1942 Allen Preston enlists into the U.S. Army at Oklahoma City, OK. His enlistment records show his city and state of residence as Madera, California. His marital status is listed as seperated with no dependents. He enlisted for the duration of the war plus 6 months as a private for the Warrant Officer program.

On 7 Jun 1943, Allen marries Verna Viola Ferguson in Colorado Springs, CO. It is my understanding they have two children, but I cannot confirm this.

Allen Preston Pool passed away in Portland, OR in either 1950 or 1957. Cause of death is unknown. I cannot find a record of death for Allen.

All searches I have made for Amanda "Mandy" levenia Johnson were done using her Father Marion Johnson as the searchee.
John Poole.....


  1. Hope , Stevens County is in Oklahoma.

    I believe Mandy is buried in the Marlow OK cemetery near Mr. Boatman.
    We would visit them when we went to Marlow in the early 1950's.

    The grave of Greenworth Pool in the Comanche Cemetery is apparently lost or unmarked, my dad remembered helping dig the grave, but could not find it when he last looked around 1990.

    Jerry Hays

  2. my name is mark alan pool. son of harvey preston pool. my fathers dad was manuel clayton pool.



  5. Verbi Sharp told me that Alan Poole died putting up Christmas lights,said he got a hold of a bare wire and that is what got him. Steve B. Poole, Visalia,Ca. (559) 734-7788