Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In the year 1930 I find my Grandparents, Verb and Nancy Sharp living in the Southwest corner of Oklahoma. Stephens County, Wall Township. Genola is 8, Ossalee is 6, Mirlacoys is 4 and Verbie Jr. is 1 yr. This census was taken on April 13th of 1930. Their last child, Bobby, will be born April 3, 1931. Grandma Nancy states that she is 35 and Grandpa Verb is 29. They are Farmers and they own their land.

Almost right next door lives my Great Grandparents, Fuzzy and Vernie. Fuzzy's real name was Carrol and Vernie's full name was Marylee Verna. He is 51 and she is 49. Mirl, 23 Eva, 20 and Oscar,18 are still at home. So Vas has left home (he married Lacy Barton in 1922) and of course Grandpa Verb is living nearby. In ten short years their lives will be turned upside down. They will sell their farm and head for California. They have not experienced the dust yet, nor the Great Depression. Life is hard but so good compared to what lay ahead of them.

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