Sunday, September 27, 2009


  1. The map posted above should be helpful to everyone as you "think" about where our ancestors were at the turn of the century. 20th Century that is. It was not really very far for them to travel from LaFlore County over to Stephens County. The only thing separating them from their old home in Arkansas was the RIVER.

  2. Thanks for posting this county map Sheena. It's a very nice orienting tool. Tyford Poole and family in 1910 were in Greer County, 1920 in LeFlore County, and in 1930 Stephens County. What were they thinking??? Was it family ties, poor crops, or just a sense of adventure? Whatever it was, it seemed to be passed down to the next generation. Perhaps that would explain in my early years in California, my parents seemed to be moving every six months.

    John Poole