Friday, January 15, 2010


The picture here is of Nancy Ann Pickens' husband, Samuel Cephus Pool(e). I wish I had a picture of her and always hope that one will show up. Nancy was born about 1815 around Anderson, South Carolina. She married Samuel C. Pool(e) around 1827. There are problems with these dates because it would seem that she married at the age of 12, which is unlikely. But in the 1860 Census of Pontotoc County, Mississippi, she is 45 years old. Her oldest child, Narcissa is 14 years old in 1860 which makes me believe that she and Samuel married later than 1827. They have a total of 6 children living at home in 1860. Narcissa is 14, Nancy C. is 7, William is 6, Greenworth is 5, Warren is 4 and Pardy A. is 3. Greenworth is my direct ancestor. There is also an Edward Morgan, 22, living with them and listed as a Farm Laborer. Next door there is a David Morgan and his wife Ellen with a large family. This needs to be followed as later on Eva Sharp will marry a Paul Morgan. Makes one wonder if the families go all the way back to Mississippi together. The Post Office there is called Ellistown. Nancy Ann Pickens is the daughter of Samuel Pickens and Sarah Dowdle. Samuel was born in 1780 and died in 1840.


  1. Thanks to the internet and you for posting about Nancy (Pickens) Poole this year! My name is Eric R. Jelle and I am descended of this Poole line via Nancy and Samuel Pooles' son Francis (Franklin) Marion Poole & Savilla Pannell. Their daughter Mary Isabeline (Poole) Tucker was my maternal grandfather's maternal grandmother. I about fell out of my chair when I saw her name on your site right next to a photo of her husband Samuel! I just happened to be googling Franklin M Poole and your site popped up so great job! You can reach me at for any of what I have researched and found for Mary Poole Tucker's branches. I also have photos of Mary and husband William Tucker posted at in the Jelle tree if you want to join. Again Thank you! I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Sheena - a few date discrepancies now that I have my pedigree charts to compare.

    First Samuel Poole Jr and nancy Pickens married about 1829 so I hope that helps with the age discrepencies. Also the birth date of 1790 for Samuel is likely his father's since I show Jr was born in abt 1810 in SC per submissions. This leads me to ask again about the method of identifying his photo you posted - it surely is junior if labelled with his name on the reverse or another reliable method was used to ID him and since photos first came about in 1839 I would (based on his mere age of 20's to 30's in the image) also gather the 1840 death date is for his dad Samuel Poole Sr unless you have contrary evidence with a tombstone, bible, probate record, etc.

    Either way I am anxious to hear from you all about the details behind the picture of him and his burial location...

  3. Has anyone found an answer to the listing of the U.S. & Intl Marriage database listing for Samuel C Poole and Nancy Simmons? Could there have been a wife named Nancy before Nancy Ann Pickens, especially with the age gap between Francis and Narcissa?

  4. Hello, My name is Gurney Allen Pool. I am descended from Samuel C. Pool through his son, James M. Pool.I started my research on the Pool family in 1979 when there was no internet and limited microfilm at the libraries. James M. Pool was born @1826 in SC. There has never been any documentation found that proves Samuel's wife, Nancy's last name was Pickens. That her name was Pickens is speculation, not proven. Also, there is no document showing that Samuel's middle name was Cephus. Civil War records list him as Samuel C. Pool. Some took it upon themselves to add these names incorrectly.
    The photo of Samuel Pool, along with the photo of Moses and wife, was sent to me as a negative (copy) in 1991 from Rita Chapman of Duncan,Oklahoma. In her letter, she told me that these came from the Tyford Pool family in California. The originals are not actual photos. They are pencil drawings made when photos weren't common.

    1. Gurney - the 1860 Census I believe lists Samuel, wife Nancy, several of their children and a James Pickens which everone universally assumes was Nancy's younger brother or a nephew. Either way, cousin O Gail Poole, who prompted me to visit Samuel's grave in VanZandt County, TX after posting his charcoal sketch on-line, advised that Samuel, son James, son Francis M (my line), and James Pickens allenlisted together the same day in the MS 2nd Infantry and later went on to find horses and change over to a MS Cavalry Unit. Since you don't risk blood shed with anyone who isn't kin, this is good enough for me to think James is kin to Samuel's wife Nancy - especially without any evidence to the contrary after all of these years of searching by so many cousins. - Eric Jelle

  5. Samuel Poole had a 2nd wife named Susan A Reeves Married 1869 according to my info.
    He possibly had a wife before Nancy Ann _?___
    (Possibly Fraizier, Simmons, or Pickens)

  6. THis is Eric again - Francis M Pool is my 3rd great grandfather and one of that generation ho I am still seeking a photo of. Being a veteran myself, I take great pride in preserving this military heritage of the Pool confederate servicemen in our Family Tree so if any cousins have any idea where a portrait of Francis may be, then please share at jellequest You can understand how it just very odd and unfinished to have his daughter Mary's portraits and even one of her grandfather Samuel without a picture of her father.

  7. I have done a dna test with and the test says that I am related to Samuel Pool. I have no idea how I connect to him. My father's people came from South Carolina, so I assume the link is there. Does anyone know anything about his parents or grandparents in South Carolina?

  8. I have done a dna test with and the test says that I am related to Samuel Pool. I have no idea how I connect to him. My father's people came from South Carolina, so I assume the link is there. Does anyone know anything about his parents or grandparents in South Carolina?